Why smart people should not have a job. (Making money Online)


In the year 1930, there was an English economist, who thought that the way technology is growing so fast in the future people will have to work 3hrs or a maximum of 4hrs daily [ about 91 years ago]

“But guess what, the man was wrong”

Because the more technology we have to do the work for us the longer people work.             BUT WHY!!

Some people who will come across this now, might say ‘yeh of course working is part of nature right from time’, but this is proven wrong (historically).

In the year, 1987 there was a study of this white group of people in Brazil, which represents hunter-gatherer ancestors, it was discovered that our great ancestors were working 3 to 4hrs daily, later on about a thousand years later, in the year 1998 now, a historian with the name Hassan volt, studied to know-how long did people worked in the year 1750, he discovered that people where working 11hrs per day.

In France during the reign of King Louis the 14th, people were working as long as 12hours per day, and in England middle of the 19th-century, people were working as crazy as 16hrs daily, LOL 😆  (funny right). Now in the year July 2013, there is a Japanese guy who died on his working desk in his office, due to the number of days he worked nonstop 🚫 .

“Now the question is why do we work longer hours as we have more and more technologies “

This is Because people still work for irrelevant things and they do not apply smartness in labor, learn how to be smart make your business move faster than you, be creative and perhaps some are smart but don’t know how to express it, they don’t know-how and where to implement their creativeness and smartness into the highest order and they need to know and do this thing.

Smart people, should have to do something with their life order than having a job that they hate 😡. And how exactly can you do that,

1)  you have to have genuine Appreciation for what we have today


And How can you do that


     By researching a little of the history of how the word had been in the past year’s, for instance, there weren’t lots of modernized technologies back then, then we have now that makes life living easy for humans, people who you see still working with the old routine or why they aren’t able to see the changes and being able to modify, is because they don’t know how tough life was in the past for their four fathers, and being able to relate it to the modern days to see how far life has transverse. 


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     They need to know how  many opportunities we have now today and how this opportunity can be of good aid to change our lives. They need to know that our four fathers never experienced this type of technology and to know-how, life was hard for them and they had to live the hard life like that.



2) The other thing the smart one’s need to know and tell them selfs;  Is that if am ever poor in this life, then it’s my fault, I can’t see all this opportunity and deal away with it, I have to make proper good use of it. This technology makes it even easy to accomplish some of our grievous tasks faster and save time for us, how can you send a message to someone in London from Tanzania and the person instantly receives the message within the same seconds, ‘isn’t that amazing! You know how many months or years it will take, for that to happen in the past centuries 💯, what a great innovation, invention, creation, and a great archievement 


 3) Another thing the smart people should know: Do not be carried away by these technologies, they are there to make your work fast and easy for you when it’s durable and fun to manipulate it also an agent of losing focus, don’t let it use you, rather make good use of it wisely, don’t think because your message can travel as far as it can within a twinkling of an eye, then you start thinking that success is achieved with top speed, but that isn’t always the case, take good control of these technologies positively, in order to produce positive outcomes. 


4) Another thing to be considered among young smart people: Is success takes time, even though we are in the computer age, where machines do most of the work for us in our day-to-day activities, our phones 📱  that looks like the most powerful machine in our hands, to do almost all things for us in this our world I guess. But sometimes to create unique and wonderful things that the world will accept, requires some amount of time, and always be creative, don’t think like a consumer, who is always waiting for the latest version of things to come out to be the first to buy, and own them, they only have the  mindset of consuming, while the mighty creators create they consistently wait to consume, and how can you be rich with that kind of mindset. Think creative think entrepreneur. 


                               Thanks for Reading




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