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why people who hard are still broke


     According to a Wikipedia page, that shows 1931 survey which discovers that most high school students blame the result of their failure to laziness, and come to think of it, it makes sense in a kind of way, right? Because we all are lazy to do things we ought to do in one way or the other, or when we were young ‘(that’s for the young adult now) we didn’t work hard, because you have your parents providing your needs, ‘[few of course]’ but as we grow up the live situation tells us that we need to work hard, and this can equally make us say that every adult is hard-working right? And because of that everybody should be rich because everybody is working hard, but the reverse is the case.

    There was a study In UK 🇬🇧 survey that was carried out on about 2000 professionals in the UK 🇬🇧 and they discovered that 46.6% of them believe that they are lazy, which automatically means that the remaining 54.4% are hardworking if am right, and that also implies that surely the 54.4% are supposed to be rich. At least in the world right now, well sorry to say, that’s not true in that case, cause only a few people are rich in this world.

       “Why are some people hard working yet are broke”?


     And am about to give you the reason why the brilliant and the edible, work so hard but are still broke. Now they are two types of people in this world, the lion group, and the tiger group,



 do you know why the lion is called the king of the jungle, it is not fastest, not the biggest, not the smartest, not even the strongest animal, in fact, the strongest animal is a tiger because when you put a single strong tiger and a single strong lion in a cage for a fight, the tiger will destroy the lion within some minutes, but do you know why the lion is still regarded as the strongest in the jungle, the reason is that a lion is a social animal, which means they walk in a group while Tiger is a solitary animal which means it walks alone, so in some encounters with a tiger and a lion, is always one tiger versus 4 to 5 lions, there is no way the tiger will have a chance to win that fight.

    What am I trying to drive out from here? Is that, the edible and smart one’s who later becomes successful work together with other people, to make out a successful business for themselves, are related to being lions, 


while on the other hand, those who work very hard alone and still finds it hard to be successful are solitary being like the tigers. Usually, when you see a successful entrepreneur, this people knows how to partner with other people, knows how to get what they want from other people, how to collaborate with other people, how to get other people to make a sacrifice for them and you see those who fail, they try to do everything all by themselves which is not possible for a human being, who is dreaming big.

      Let me refer you to this study that was conducted by Penn State for about two decades, 733 children were followed up as they were growing up, their coordinating skills were recorded, their social life was recorded, their interacting skills were also recorded, then after 20years they discovered that those with good social lives, make it faster in life than those who are kind of introverted, those that are sociable are regarded as the lions in my analogy if you want to be successful in this life dear reader you have to be able to work with others, be able to make others work for you, partner with others, being able to ally with other people, this will make you more successful in life.


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     Another study, that was published by researchGate.net and it is similar to the previous study which has been talked about recently in this post, states that people who can collaborate, work with other people, get other people to partner with them, people who have better social skills becomes more successful faster than other people in the world.

       ☺️ hmm, I hope this knowledgeable important post is being understood’.

      Okay let’s assume that the person reading this post is kind of a doubting Thomas 😁 or maybe really don’t go with scientific studies and don’t think this is making sense to them. I got you, 

       Let me now give you a very good example, which will convince you  That the biggest difference between people who work hard and are still poor and people who work hard and succeed in life is, people who work hard and succeed are lions while people who work hard and do not succeed are usually tigers. Now let’s look at what happened in 336 BC there was a king, The king of Macedonia called Phillip the second, his bodyguard eventually killed him, when he was dead, his young 20years old boy known as Alexander the Great, became the king of Macedonia, this young boy had a problem, well his father was a strong king, his father conquered so many territories when he was alive, now the young Alexander the Great problem was that he wanted to outdo his father, 

😆😆 funny right.

      How can a young guy like that at that age accomplish That great task, maybe he will need to double the dream ‘if I must suggest’ what will you do to outdo your father`s did? Let’s say your father dreamed to be a millionaire and he made it, to double and outdo that, you have to become a billionaire,  that’s is doubling of your father’s dream, so Alexander the Great decided that he won’t stay in the territory of Macedonia 🇲🇰, instead, he was going to “conquer the entire world” Wow 😮  amazing think about it, a 20-year-old guy sets out to conquer the world, and do you know, at the age of 32, that’s 12 years after, this guy has conquered the largest territory any single human ever conquered in the history of the world till date, from Phoenicia to Judia to Gaza to Egypt to a part of India, a 32years old Alexander the Great became the emperor.

      And the next question I will be expecting you to ask is “How did a 20 years old guy almost conquered the entire world” 🥺😳😳🤔. 

     Well it is because he was a lion, he worked with other people, he was able to make other humans make sacrifices for him, he was able to strike an alliance, he was able to go into partnership with others, take for moment that Alexander the Great left Macedonia and he alone – because he is the strongest man in the world ( which I doubt so ) or maybe he thinks that he is the Samson of our world, and he said “am going to conquer the world” and he alone goes out, how many days do you think he may last, lets say maybe 23hrs, that’s close to a day, cause his going to be destroyed in minutes.



      So the reason why Alexander the Great could become the greatest military figure in the history of the world is not that he was a tiger, it is because he was a lion. Now the lesson to learn here; is that no matter how hardworking you are and you work alone, is going to be very difficult for you to succeed, but being able to get people and make them sacrifice for you is integral to your success and this is by far the most single important skills you must acquire, to be a successful entrepreneur.


                Thanks for Reading


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