What you might not know about money

               What you don`t know about money

  Money are the reward of value that makes our effort profitable, money comes in and goes out, it`s circulate, so saving your money in the bank is actually loosing it, you have to know that, the money you have now was once another person`s own before its reaches your hand, so soon or later its going out of your hand.

       Cashflow  is what makes money reasonable to you, which is all about investing it, invest! invest!! invest!!!, invest in order to make more money for you, keeping your money in the bank makes it valueless and worthless, you make it valued by investing it to make more money.


  • You  need to earn it 

This means you will to first find a way in getting the money, either by working, job or in any way of making this money, remember you have to first start getting it, before thinking of the next step to take, 

this implies to any form or way of acquiring the money as it is the most important of them all.  

  • you need to keep it for some while 

keeping it for some while also means, being able to save the money, after it has been acquired or gotten, the next thing for you to do is to save it, some people finds it difficult to save, which is not good for them as they are planning to be a successful future business men and women, you need to cultivate the altitude of saving, it helps you to know the right and perfect time to spend it wisely on useful things, cause you can`t eat your cake and have it back. Money is a thing that if you save it today it will save you tomorrow, so learn how to save.

  • you need to use it to invest in other to make more money for you.

    Now this is also very important after the first point I talked about ☝,  It is very very important cause this is the point when the money will be multiplied, the  $2000  will be turned to $4000 through investment, and making sure you are investing on the right platform, or business by making adequate enquire before moving into investing “very important please” !!

    This point is very necessary to know, understand and start practicing, cause with out, your money won`t grow, and always keeping your money in the bank isn`t the best idea, the bank every months depreciate your account with their charges, investing your money makes it easy for your money to have doubled value, and worth making so do invest in order to multiply your money.   

                                                       thanks for reading.   


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