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    Truelink Immigration Services was founded to assist people in beginning a new life of opportunity in Canada, either as skilled employees or as business immigrants. For commercial immigrants, investor immigrants, provincial nominees, skilled workers, student visas, and family reunification, we provide advisory services for Canadian immigration and visas. 

    We support those already in Canada in staying put, while also assisting those from outside Canada to make Canada their home. We have helped a lot of people obtain permanent residency in Canada thanks to our extensive knowledge. We provide visitor/tourist visas, work permits, study permits, and LMIA if temporary residence is your aim. In Canada, we have a license to practice immigration. In addition, we have extensive expertise of Canadian immigration. 


    The only office we have is in Edmonton, Canada’s Alberta province. Because of our extensive internet presence and utilization of cutting-edge technology, we can meet all of your travel needs no matter where you are in the world. We also stay current on changes to immigration laws, making sure that our clients receive the most accurate information possible to help them submit successful applications.

      Additionally, you can think about relocating via the educational route

You can study, work, and then immigrate to Canada with the help of our study abroad program. Advantages include.

• Reasonably priced tuition between $15k and 22k CAD (depending on the school and program) 

   Travel with your family, provide a work permit to your spouse, work while you are a student and receive a work permit good for three years after you graduate, and eventually settle down and become a permanent resident. 


1. If you lack one or are unable to do it on your own, assist you in obtaining admission to Canadian universities. 

2. Support in obtaining visas. 

3. Assist students in finding schools that don’t require IELTS. 

4. Assist with the visa processing for your family members (separate fees apply). 

             Canadian visa required documents                


The two essential documents are: 

bank statements (1

Academic qualifications (WAEC, NECO, GCE, BSC, MSC, etc.)  (2

We charge a $2000 retainer fee. Fees for Visa and biometrics are not included. The retainership cost may be paid in full or in two equal payments. When paying in two installments, you must pay US$1500 up front and the remaining US$500 within 90 days after hiring our services. 

  Your statement of account must include your tuition price (between $15,001 and $22,001) as well as your annual living expenses (between C$10,000 and C$10,000). More is preferable if you have it. Extra $4,000 for your spouse and $3,000 for each child you are bringing if you are traveling with your family. In addition to your individual fees of USD 2000, we charge an additional $500 for your spouse and $400 for any child traveling with you. Only the visa and biometrics expenses, which for applicants to studies are roughly C$235, will be paid in extra. 

One of our newcomer students who is from Canada created this video. It’s important to hear her narrative. https://youtu.be/1j9G3GbK0TYn   

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