The thing only the (1%) one percent know about making money

   The thing only the (1%) one percent know about making money 


   You should know that most of the entrepreneurs don`t know this things am about to share with you, on making money, if you are an entrepreneurs who ventures into a business in, for making money, this is one of the thing you don`t know, and you need to know it now in order to break through the business barrier and be a successful entrepreneur.

    Some of this young entrepreneurs today just have an ideal of this thing, just what I call the surface ideal,  and think they know it all that`s why most of them flop in their businesses and come back to seek the knowledge they once abstained from, cause a good entrepreneur will come back, because they are not willing to go for this things or develop a strength and habit for it.

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    I hope you know that going into business is like going to war, which only depends on how your sword is sharpened and your skills on the battle ground, which guarantee your safety. You have to understand that, you are not the only one out there in the market you have competitors, — 

   who don`t see you as a ordinary neighbor, because they sell exactly what you are sell, you guys might even be more than 20 sellers in a spot. Is now left for you to outgrow them with some skills you need to acquire and inculcate. Now !


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   Now that,  [the short note up ]☝☝ 

ls not the crucial thing, you need to know about money making in your business, is just the (surface ideal you also need to know), only few know this secrete am about to share with you today. And because they do, they are using it to scale through. AND what is that ?



   Simile to this word are, long suffering, never giving up, endurance, perseverance and so on, No matter how difficult the business will be sometimes, the question is, will you continue pressing forward or will you easily give up, no successful big business today that doesn’t have a hard time story to tell, no sky scrapper is built in a year, persistence is the key to any successful business today. That is what every entrepreneur today must know. and having that in mind is a good idea which will help you to easily not to give up and which is the head clue of making up a successful business in the natural world.    

      Definition of persistence 

      Persistence is said to be orthogonal or “transparent” when it is implemented as an intrinsic property of the execution environment of a program. An orthogonal persistence environment does not require any specific actions by programs running in it to retrieve or save their state.                                  


   Now you have known the secrete, which other entrepreneur don`t, quickly, start to implement it or develop an habit for it which you will expose into your business and watch your business sky rocket. 


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