The one habit that will make you poor if you continue with it…

The one habit that will make you poor if you continue with it

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      Do you know why people fall for Ponzi schemes and scammers every day, it is because the scammers uses the trick which is known as playing to peoples fantasy, this is what always occurs to human being, there is  a part of us we humans, that believes that life  shouldn`t be difficult  and hard, which is false, so because of that, lots of human fall into this trance and end up being wooed.    

       Living a life you desire in the future is about you working hard today and not seeking for get rich quick scheme, cause it has destroyed so many young youths today, scammers uses this to bankrupt so many, so when you have the mind set and habit of not thinking that great things are not gotten easily, but from hard work then you are read to make it in this life, and the better for you. Apart from those who where born with a silver spoon, those they often do not have to suffer a lot to make it in life, they don’t even need to be part of those who are very serious in Make it to the money fame in life, because there father or parents has done it for them, and I consider those very lucky in some way.

    But do you know that if they where given birth by the parents who also wants them to know how to make this money too on there own, that’s when the family wealth will increase like never before, because the child grows up to be taught and be able to do more than the father has done, thereby making him to have the knowledge of how the money is being made, that’s how he/she passes on the their forthcoming children. In that type of scenario the family wealth in any way will not reduce, because the children, children are thought on how to make the money.    

     But in the other hand when this rich parents did enlighten their children on how this money is being made, they only knows how to spend it and maybe eventually lavish them, that’s why some of the companies and investment WILL to them are later being sometimes unfruitful from the point the main CEO or founder isn’t available because they lack the ability and training to manage them, after some lots of miss-management, they are being sold off.

     The flesh of the human being is entangled to only enjoyment and pleasure which is psychologically called ID, that`s why many are not willing to work, for you to be able to achieve your big dream, you will have to be able to defeat your flesh that is always wanting for only enjoyment, and be willing to go extra mile for your dreams, we should not allow the flesh to always take the most valuable part of us, with only the mind set of pleasure but in this life of ours it not actually so, cause you will need to work now In order to get to that stage of enjoyment, because the “wise man works when the sun shine through, so when the night comes he eats the fruit of his labor.      

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