Nigeria is one of the nations with the least Internet censorship.

Nigeria is one of the nations with the least Internet censorship.   ☹️☹️

     According to a recent report by the data gathering firm Proxyrack, Nigeria is one of the nations with the lowest levels of internet restriction in the entire world. 

What can be accessed, published, or watched on the Internet may be legally restricted or suppressed through internet censorship. 

According to the survey, Nigeria scored 57 out of 100 on the scale of Internet freedom among the 20 countries profiled, whereas the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, and France scored 79, 77, and 76, respectively. 

This ranking comes as the subject of internet freedom is quickly gaining importance, with some governments throughout the world attempting to restrict their citizens’ digital rights, censor or limit access to information, or even completely ban dependable internet connection. 

Globally, internet freedom is also in danger, with some activists using residential proxies and VPNs to speak out against unjust governments and promote a more equitable society. 

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Nigeria has 49,968 citizens online per 100,000 people, compared to 99,231, 95,440, 93,583 and 94,265 for the UK, Japan, Germany, and France, respectively. 

With the biggest percentage of internet users, the UK holds the view that the freedom to access the internet is the most essential right when it comes to internet freedom. The majority of adults recently used the internet in some capacity. 

Compared to other countries, Japan spends the least time online overall and on social media, despite having a high percentage of internet users. 

Internet access is a crucial component of internet freedom since some governments have chosen to stifle dissident voices by restricting the availability of internet infrastructure in specific regions. However, this is not the situation in France,

    which ranks third for this category with just over 94,000 regular internet users per 100,000 inhabitants. 

   The limiting of specific elements of online media, such as social media and political propaganda, is known as internet censorship.

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