(Getting a Canadian passport) could be required for dual citizens

     A current Canadian passport is required for dual citizens. 

      No longer are non-Canadian passport holders allowed to fly into or through Canada as transit passengers. For you to board your flight, your Canadian passport must be current. 
You will still need a current Canadian passport to board your aircraft to Canada if your home nation requires you to enter and exit the country using a passport that was issued by its government. When traveling, be careful to bring both passports. Learn more about the requirements for carrying a current Canadian passport when flying. 
      American 🇺🇸  and Canadian dual citizens 
If you want to fly to Canada, you must have a valid passport from either the United States or Canada in order to enter the country. 
If you only have a current U.S. passport, you will need to have proof of your Canadian citizenship with you in case immigration screening is required. 
You should travel with both of your passports even if you only need one to enter Canada. It is simpler to travel between Canada and the United States if you have both passports. Your passports serve as proof of your nationality, allowing you to enter Canada and the United States without going through immigration screening. 
Traveling without a Canadian passport in a few days or at the airport? 
If you meet the requirements for a special authorization, you might have the choice to board your aircraft. If not, you will need to secure a current Canadian passport and reschedule your journey. 
Check to see if you qualify for a special authorization. 
   Apply for a passport from Canada 
Learn how to apply 
to replace a child’s passport with a new one or to renew an adult passport 
Are you unsure of your citizenship in Canada? 
If you are unsure about your status or were born outside of Canada to a Canadian parent, read Am I Canadian? finding out Check to see if you qualify for a special permit to take your flight to Canada. 
Applying for a specific authorisation is possible if you: 
have a flight to Canada that departs in fewer than 10 days, do not possess a valid passport from a nation requiring no visa, and are not a dual citizen of Canada and the United States. 
And one of the subsequent 
own a Canadian passport, were a former holder of a Canadian citizenship certificate, or were granted citizenship after having lived in Canada permanently. 
Our electronic systems will check your information to make sure you are a Canadian citizen. Only four days will pass after the date of trip you choose on the form before this authorization expires. You will need to submit an application for a fresh authorisation if you don’t use it within that time. 
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requesting a special permit 
    There are no easy solutions to help you board your flight if you are not qualified for the special authorization. 
In order to learn more about your possibilities, get in touch with the closest Canadian government office abroad. Temporary passports or emergency travel credentials will only be provided under tight guidelines and on a case-by-case basis. 
Need support? Discover the answers to your inquiries regarding the Canadian passport. 
    Why you need to have a current Canadian passport 
Before anyone can board an aircraft to Canada, starting on November 10, a new electronic system implemented by the Government of Canada will check that they have the proper travel documentation. When you check in for your flight, your travel document will be scanned immediately, starting this process. 
    This measure is a component of a larger Government of Canada initiative to guarantee that all travellers flying to Canada have the necessary travel documentation to enter the country before boarding their flight. 
    You must display a valid travel document proving your Canadian citizenship if you are a Canadian citizen, including dual citizens. This means that in order for the airline check-in employees and border guards to verify your Canadian citizenship, you must have a current Canadian passport (or a Canadian temporary passport, or a Canadian emergency travel document). 

    The only trustworthy and widely recognized travel document that may be used to prove citizenship and the right to enter Canada without going through immigration screening is a current Canadian passport. Ensure that the passport’s expiration date is well in advance of the day you intend to travel again. 

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