Chevening scholarship application

            Chevening scholarship application 

   Where you come from doesn’t matter;  what matters is where you’re going. 

Accepting applications through November 1, 2022, at 1:00 (GMT) 

Chevening Scholarship applications are currently being accepted for 2023–2024! 

The foreign scholarship program run by the UK government is called Chevening. We provide awards for master’s degree studies in the UK for a full year, supported by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and other organizations. 

Successful Chevening applicants are from a variety of nations and backgrounds, but they all exhibit the drive, vision, and abilities necessary to create a better world. 

Being chosen has several advantages, including as tuition expenses that are entirely covered, access to some of the top educational programs available, special networking possibilities, and the opportunity to see the rich diversity of the UK’s cultures. 

When your scholarship is over, you’ll become a member of our varied network of more than 50,000 alumni throughout the world. With the networks and expertise necessary to realize your ideas and advance your profession, you’ll go back home prepared. 

NB – Where you’re from doesn’t matter. Where you’re heading is what matters. 


necessary paperwork 

All Chevening applicants are required to submit one unconditional offer from a UK university as well as their transcripts and references. The Chevening application timeline includes the due dates for these necessary documents. Upload them using the “change my application” link above. 

You must turn in these documents if you were only conditionally chosen for a Chevening Scholarship in order to continue. 

Timelines and selection updates 

Throughout the selection process, you will be notified through email of any changes to the status of your application. On the online application system, you may also check your status. Log in using your registration information. For a better understanding of the following phases of the selection procedure, consult the Chevening application timeline and our FAQs. 

Feedback ;

We are unable to provide individual application status updates or feedback to rejected applicants due to the vast number of applications we receive each year. Please refrain from contacting your British embassy or high commission with questions about applications. 

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Instructions for use 

To assist you with the following actions, you may want to study our advice. 


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