Canon Collins Sol plaatje scholarship 2023

   Canon Collins 2022 scholarship scheme 



   Canon Collins Sol Plaatje Scholarships for Southern African Studies in 2023

We will only give scholarships to students pursuing studies in one of three fields in 2023: 

1. Justice, which encompasses issues related to economics, politics, law, and climate justice 

2. Policy and practice in education 

3. Humanities, which encompasses the arts, literature, history, and anthropology 

Only submit an application if your course of study fits one of these categories. 

Sometimes, interdisciplinary courses and PhD programs defy simple classification. Application decision-makers are advised to exercise their best judgment. However, submissions that plainly don’t fit into these categories (such MBAs, medical sciences, sports sciences, and applied sciences) won’t be given any thought when it comes to awards. 

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Climate justice will be a top priority in 2023. Applications for scholarships connected to climate justice may be in the science or applied science fields as long as they can show how they are pertinent to those issues.

     The British Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa (BDAF), mostly via the leadership of Ethel de Keyser, director of BDAF, and Canon John Collins, BDAF’s founder, formed the Educational Trust for Southern Africa in 1981. The Trust was renamed the Canon Collins Educational Trust for southern Africa upon Canon Collins’ demise.

             Canon Collins Sol Plaatje Scholarships’ Objective and Benefits 


    Depending on the needs of the student, the scholarship package’s worth in 2023 will range from R20,000 to R100,000. We encourage both full-time and part-time Masters and PhD studies, and we will take applications from individuals who choose to learn remotely. 

    Along with organizing a yearly conference for active researchers, we also host a number of smaller activities all year long. Scholarship recipients are required to take part in these events, join our network, and make contributions. 


    Qualification Standards for the Canon Collins Sol Plaatje Scholarships

For this program’s scholarship consideration, you must: 

be a citizen of one of the following nations or have refugee status there: South Africa, Namibia, and Zimbabwe 

be ordinarily residing in one of the nations listed above 

be about to graduate in the year of application or have an excellent first degree (minimum second class, upper division, or equivalent). 

be enrolled in or have applied for admission to a university in South Africa.

Application deadline August 22, 2023



     How to apply 

Applications are being accepted right now. By clicking the link below, you can access the online application form. Apply for the Canon Collins Sol Plaatje Scholarship by clicking here. 


Visit the website of Canon Collins for additional information.


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