Avoid this (six) money steps if you don`t want to be poor

              Avoid this six money habit if you don`t want to be poor 

   (NO 6 is the most important, so stay tune for full information)

 what you do everyday of your life determines if you will be poor or rich, you may not have control of what happens tomorrow and you can not change the past, but you can decide what you do today.

     so in this blog post we will be discussing the six habit that will likely to make you poor, and you really need to avoid doing them.

  1) working on poor money ideal from poor people:- Getting or seeking for advise from those that are not successful, is foolishness, (sorry to say) you can`t learn how to bake a bread from an mechanical engineer, because they don`t have all the full knowledge you need.

    So seek knowledge from those who have pass through that way before you, so that you can be carefully guided, in order not to make the same mistake they did when they where equally a starter like you.

  2) spending on things you don`t need:- The poor spend money on thing they don`t need, they try to look rich by buying all this flashy things, in order to look rich, it is more important for you to be rich than to look rich.

   If  you spending your money on things you don`t need,  you are likely to be poor.

   3) Not budgeting:- poor people don`t know the amount they spend in a week, they don`t keep record of there expenses, the poor complain of not having enough money, but they don`t know how they spend the  ones entering their hands.

   4) Depending on luck:- Betting, Lottering and Gambling is not a good strategy to wealth or becoming rich, you know the poor most times thinks that the rich where just lucky to get the right connections and businesses that made them rich, but its not so.

    The earlier you get of this ideal of luckiness the better for you, and your improvement of experience will improve, stop leaving a life of chances, prepare and plan for your goals and know what you want to achieve, the rich are always things of ways to get better.

    Because successes is not by accident, so don`t depend on it. Luck is for poor.

    5) Wasting your money and time on entertainment:- Both the rich and poor have the same number of hours in a day, but when the rich is investing money and developing themselves with their time, the poor are wasting is on pleasure. 

   If you waste your early days of your teen age on meaningless things you might be broke in your life during your adult ages, so if you want to be rich create more time on creating than spending.

    6) Having only one source of income:- A Job can not make you rich, working a single job cant make you a millionaire,  if you have more than one sources of income you are likely to go broke. 

    If the only way you get money is until you work then you will work until you die, you may not be successful like that, look for ways to earn money even while sleeping.      


the thing only the one percent know about how to make money in Africa. 


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