5 LAWS of GOLD you should know (first of the law is discussed)

5 laws of Gold you should know

5 laws of Gold the first law

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      In this blog content we will be discussing the laws of Gold, which equivalent to laws of money, to make this money mightily you need to understand the laws and how its works, some people wants to make money but they don`t know how to make it, so in this blog post we will be discussing one (1) of the laws of money, as you subscribe  and visit the blog more often, you will get to know the remaining LAWS of GOLD , so as to get better understanding.    


    Money comes and stay with the person who saves one tenth of

                                            his earning 


    He saves one tenth of his earning or salary to himself before the expenses of life takes the money out from him, so the wise man first save for himself first, this what I call serve your self first ( for better explanation ) you can watch my YouTube video where I explained it well, you have to keep some part of your every income for future investment, and you will do it consistently.

    What I really mean is, lets say you are earning about 30,000 dollars per month you should try to keep 5000 dollars for your savings and invest it wisely for the future, which will bring you more income and wealth. Cause the money you have now will give you more money if you invest it wisely.      

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