5 Laws of Gold ( third law is discussed )

I​                        The third Law of Gold 

 *     Much money stays with the man who invest his money to the right hand


         Many individual who are eager to make more money, Do put their money into the wrong hands of investment, which eventually result to an unwanted lost, because they didn’t check out the investment before jumping into investing which is abnormal and unadvisable to do, be a wise investor. 

      Investing is the basic and important requirement to build your wealth and multiply your income.

         To elaborate  this point On the [3rd law of Gold] it will be subdivided into 2 sections for better understanding 

  •    Understanding why money stays with those who invest 
  • Investing in the right hands  

 Understanding why money stays with those who invest

     First and foremost what is ‘investment’ this is the action taken to invest [Trade] your money for more profit, now the basic goal for investing is to get profit, money often stays with the rich, because they have learnt how to invest it and make the money work for them in order to generate more income.

     Investing your money ensures you with financial security, which means it secures you from the fear of being broke or not able to be fend by your self when needed. Investing allows you to grow your wealth and also generate inflation beating in the market amazingly for you. 

     Many of us have financial goals we all want to archive like, buying Your dream car, building or purchasing a house, accumulating retirement corpus when you retire which will be aiding you when you retire and so on, through investing on the right hand your financial goals can be meet and archived. 

     Some of Those who spend lavishly and vigorously without any atom of saving in their agenda, it’s because of lack of financial discipline which is definitely not good for an entrepreneur who wants to be successful in life, but through investing you cultivate the habit of making good use of your wealth wisely as you set aside a particular [needed] money for an investment, you are actually developing a habit of financial discipline, which is essential in entrepreneurs life, in order to be successful in his work. 

     Investing also helps to meet money in different assets classes and base with the  intention of initial capital appreciation and earnings better returns in the long run .

  •     Investing in the right hands         

   Many due fall victim of investing on the wrong hands which end up making their initial investment being a lost and nonprofit able, because they fail to make enquiry on the platform in which they where about to invest in, to know the stance and the originality of the platform they want to invest.

     We are going to consider 4 Tips to consider when investing.

  1. Is the company or platform registered 
  2. How has been their relationship with their past investors 
  3. Is their income rate revenue able to pay you at the appropriate time 
  4. Is the company or platform insured 

1) the company or platform registered

         Any platform that does not have the certificate of registration with the government is purely And clearly not secured to invest in, a reliable and trusts worthy company that is engaged in trading with the investors money, should and must be registered by the government of any country it’s in, this is to show how secured the company or platform is to the masses when they put their money their.

2) How has been their relationship with their past investors 

      This is also valid, This is to know how they treat their investors and customers, being registered with the government is not all, because government won’t be there when they do their business transactions and so on, so you need to know if the relationship of their past investors where in good  terms and conditions, this will tell the rate  and king of hospitality you will get as one of their investors. ‘This is essential’.

3) check To know if there income revenue is up to the standard :-

   In which you are assured that you won’t have problem with the payment when it’s due time and it’s very important to know because some of this company lie with their income revenue just to impress their investors, or attract investors to come in in a rush, although this is (optional), because some companies don’t show their income revenue public to the society especially in their website.

 4) Is the company or platform insured 

      A investment platform is meant to be insured by a trust insurance company, in case of the unwanted activities that may occur which we don’t pray for such, for a company to be insured it means it’s save from any physical damages, financial problems and unwanted accidental events that may occur, so as your money and investment is like wise save and covered.

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