3 things you must do to escape poverty / How to make Money online 2023:

                                    3 things you must do to escape poverty        

       Many people are eager to become rich and wealthy, they are ready to break out from the territory of poverty, but don`t actually know how, they have tried there possible best way, which they think is right, all to no avail, some of this innocent masses will think its a course, but no it isn’t, you just have not taken the right step, or rather they have not taken the right steps.

      So in this article I will be disclosing with you the 3 things to do that will make you to raise your head above the sea level of water, and breath in the wealthy life, 3 steps or things you should now that will help you to escape poverty as early as possible.  



  1) First put the blame on yourself:-  Mainly graduate and old people who are poor today blame things around them for the reason of them being poor. Especially the graduate who thinks immediately they are done with schooling, a wonderful job is waiting for them, they finished to be disappointed, then starts blaming every body for their failure, they blame the government, blame the teachers, the economic even their parents some times. well as for me I don`t blame them too, because right from the day 1, they thought that and where deceive that school is it all, but definitely school does not guarantee your success in being wealthy,  it just gets away from the average by just enlighten your brain, but school doesn`t teach you how to make money. But most of this graduate not knowing all this things, will start to blame the world around them for the mini failure.  


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   Not knowing that nobody is responsible for their poverty. Blaming others for your failure, just gives you a short time relive of the pain you are passing through, after the short time, you go back to your grieve, so to avoid that, just put the blame on your self, you alone knows how it`s hurts you, and you also probably knows the way out with the right action to take, in ordering to get out of the bondage of the grieve.


 2) Forget your degree in any area of your life:-  Some people think getting the highest degree in this country will guarantee they are going to be rich, like my country which releases many bachelors each year who are roaming the street in search of job to no avail, most times. Now you know where am going. 

    This point is similar to the first one ☝☝, they both emphasize on getting educated and because of that, you  think you have made it or will be 100% sure you will make it without any much effort of hardworking or at least obtaining any skills, no millionaire made it through a job or working for someone, ‘NONE’, you have to be the entrepreneur of your business in order to make it happen. you have to be the pioneer of your ship, in order to direct it to move, on the right track. Hardly to see an employee being a millionaire. except      from those doing multiple job`s, and its very stressful if not careful with the the body system it can break down. 

  Money is what is earned not what is gotten from who you are, it is worked for, all you need to do, is have a knowledge of money (like what you are learning from this blog), when i say knowledge of money, i don`t just mean, just having a little ideal, then you think you have known all, ‘NO’ that’s why here in TOOSCOOLNWA BLOG, we give you the total full knowledge of money understanding how it works, then make it work for you to give you more money. which I call “multiplying the Golds” 



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  3) Sacrifice a part of your life :- Entrepreneurship is not an easy task, that`s why most are afraid to going into it, because they don`t want to take the risk, entrepreneurs always take the risk in business, because of the sacrifice they make and all the business risk they take, most of them back-off, then they go for a secure job. 

    To sacrifice some part of your time, equally means given your best of the best to what you are passionate for, and making sure, you perform the task diligently. Putting your best to something, or sacrificing a part of your life can also mean, that you will have to put away some things for something, things you do before, you do them no more, places you go before, you go there no more all because of the seriousness and important you found that particular thing to the rest or minor decision, some of the times the people around you will see you to be acting odd or may be as forming or displaying altitude, but only you yourselves knows what you are chasing after and you won`t stop until you reach your goal.  

  To make money requires hard work, it requires concentration, determination, and some sacrifice. NOW you have known the things you must do in order to escape poverty, stand up and get to work, or you want to remain a failure.



                                                                    thanks for reading  






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