3 steps to start a business in Africa if you don`t have money

                  3 steps to start a business in Africa if you don`t have           money

    Most people in Africa specifically, thinks that money is the key to every successful business today, so in that case, they complain of not having enough capital to start up an enterprises or business, so they relent because of not having money to start, then they give up, and successfully terminating their dream, they don`t know that before you get into any business or venture you have to study and know more about it, is just like given a ordinary man sophisticated weapon without any knowledge about war or training on how to us the  weapons, his already a wasted man. 

          money is not the number one thing you need, to build a successful company.

         It is essential tho, but depending on it or believing is the most wanted thing you need to  build a business is not crucial, it simply means you won`t be able to  cultivate and manage your business when there is lack of funds, and you can`t be able to generate income with the little you have, then before growing it, cause is important to start small and later becoming big cause it helps you to know, how to  manage your expenses of your business and know how you have grown so far, 

      So dear valuable readers it is a right decision  to start with what you have first, and start small if you don`t have enough capital to start it big.


       So you need to know this 3 steps to build a business from the scratch without having much capital or better still money. 
  1)  start with what you have:- Having a good business idea but still dreaming big, ‘don`t get me wrong is good, to dream big, is good’ but a journey  of thousands miles start with a step, starts with what you have around you, when you know you don`t have enough capital to start in a bigger way then  start small, don`t let the lack of money hold you down,  /for instance:- you want to start producing consumable products, (snacks specifically) like  chips, bonce, dough nut and so on, and you are still looking for money to by a land, set up the equipment then boom, while you have a parlor that is big, or an apartment that is good enough to start it there, and from there you can start from, AND  please you can start right!! there in that your sitting room, package it then you go market it, gradually you move to the next stage, so you start with what you have stop waiting for when the miracle of money will come cause you might not see it. and also not to waste much of the time waiting, instead of moving into action cause time is money, and you don`t have to waste it  dear, 

     Many people make this mistake of not being creative when needed, and productive with a sense of lucrativeness, cause all this helps an individual in a race of success, waiting for someone for help without you showing your willingness and strive to archive something is a waste of energy which I called “wasted effort”. Cause is not possible for someone to even leave his/her precious time to help you in anyway without convincing them with  your reasonable action, so first start with what you have, it is very important.

 2)  you really have to be willing to suffer for some period of time cause of the passion you have for your business :- 

  Remember we are talking of young entrepreneurs who wants to build a successful business that we eventually be a great venture and will last long in the business world, and you are willing to do so, you have to understand that “No mountain is easy to climb”, no greatness that doesn`t require long suffering, you have to be able, to die for what you truly love so much, the same should implicate in the business you truly love or have passion for, because ups and down will come but you must be determine in order to continue, and one of the fuel that will keep you going is the passion you have for that venture/business right from the start, causes this is when the hardest part of being an entrepreneur comes in, this is when you fall and get up back, willing to suffer and strive  for some time with your business in other to grow to the next stage.
      This is when you will want to give up, because of the much pressure you are getting from the business and like the stress and All of that, but don’t forget this is when you are moving to the stage of your entrepreneurship that will make you while to be a good business man in future days to come. This passage doesn`t really imply you should be ready for suffering, but rather be willing to do the needful for your venture to grow, cause their will be some struggles,  but the question  is are you ready  to  continue in order to  later be a successful business owner. 

       Being willing to suffer, also means, being able to go the extra mile your business needs to go, in order to be outstanding in the society or community and be known for your servicing  rendering, and also consistency is part of being upkeeping to service. 

 3) you will surely earn the trust of someone with your effort:- 

      In this life, nobody is willing to believe in you, except you first believe in your self,  nobody is going to listen to your ideas except they have seen the crazy and unbelievable things you have done because of those ideas you where talking about languishing for. You know that nobody can just start following your ideas even when you are 100% sure about it, that’s why you need to start displaying those behavior and action that will make them believe you, it will make them say yes this person knows where he/she is heading to. 
      For instance, let’s say you want to start a venture or business of a catering services and you don’t have enough capital to start the business officially in a big way, but you really have the zealousness and passion to start the catering services and you have an apartment and maybe you have a couple of gadgets and electronics, like phones, tablet, wrist watch e.t.c., and like a said before you don’t have the money to start the business officially big, maybe like first buying a land and building your cake stores  and the needed equipment, you can start from that your one room apartment to be your first work shop first, then start a little from there, and probably you see that you don’t know where to borrow money to buy the equipment’s needed, you can sell those your expensive phones, wrist watches and so on, In order to just gets the money to buy the equipment you need for the catering services that`s the passion and commitments am talking about,  your seriousness and passion for that business you want to really do, will make you take the extra mile for it, when people start hearing what you did, all just because of the your business. 
They will know how damn passionate you are and they will be willing to eventually invest on you, you  need to Let them see how committed you are, and your seriousness, some day someone will be willing to invest on you, cause nobody wants to put their money on a hooligan, where their money will be wasted, but when they see your high level of commitment, and your endeavor, you surely earn their trust to invest on you, and with that your business grows. 

  Now you have known the three steps, with immediate effect, start practicing it and watch your self and your enterprises grow bigger every day.      

                                                                            Thanks for reading 




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