3 Skills you need, to build a successful business ( How to make money online in Africa ): 2023

       3 Skills you need to build a successful business in Africa


   Most successful entrepreneurs you see today, acquired some skills that helped them reach their goals, not every individual you see out there have this skills, but you  need to get use to them in order to be a successful entrepreneur and be able to build a successful business that makes money for you. 

     This not what you will be thought in school or in any organized institution, formally, but they are skills you need, in order to build a successful business in life, and it is very important you know this, as an under growing entrepreneur, and this blog is ready to educate all the upcoming young entrepreneurs on what they really need to know in their race to become a big and successful business entrepreneur.   

    Continue reading as you know this 3 main skills that will help you as an entrepreneur to grow gorgeously,    


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  •   Curiosity:-  The meaning of curiosity simply means the zeal or passion to know more of something,  and to keep it on 100 you need to be always curious in your profession especially when its competitive. Now that is what is needed in any life of any entrepreneur, the ability to know more and do more, the ability to try new commodity that is not even part of the big sales in market which is called risk taking in business entrepreneur. In order  to seek more knowledge on the aspect of your business and also in order to be ahead of your competitors. 

 Being curios is very important in a life of any entrepreneur, it makes you to be update and want to know more of your aspect, also makes you to be the best in your profession as a business personnel who is specialize in  selling a particular commodity in  business. and also be aware of any strategic way of being very effective on keeping your customers and making them your first obligation as they are the one the money are with (lol), you get it.   

   Cause business is like a battle, when you start selling a particular commodity in an area, maybe you where the first to start selling that type of stock there, before you know it, 20 personnel have joined you, to sell that type of commodity you are selling at the same particular joint, NOW how do you survive in that type of business environment, curiosity is the key, seek more knowledge, research more about that stock, implement the skills in your venture (cause your neighbors probably won`t know this skills), and be ahead of your competitors.

  • Stubbornness:-  [ (stubborn) person is determined to do what he or she wants and refuses to do anything else
  •   This implies to those who are about to go into entrepreneurship newly,  you have to be stubborn in order not to be discourage by friends and family on what to do and what not to do, because the priority is ‘just do it’ when you have a good business ideal you want to do, immediately move into action. Cause if you waste time, you will be diverted with the opinions of the invaluable of your so called friends and family, your mind will be diverted, so when you have an ideal immediately, go for it, and be strong and capable, to truly go for it and don’t let anybody push you away from your goal ideology. 

     Cause when you start to seek advice from those who don`t even own a petty trader shop, individuals who don`t know anything about money it can be (friends and family members), the answer you get is not the fuel that will keep you going, instead seek advice from already made it entrepreneurs who knows the way that can help you to succeed, seek knowledge from those who has had the experience before, they are the only people who have a good advise for you that can help you in your entrepreneurship race. 

  • Time conscious/ Time respect:- The old saying that  says “time is money” is 100% percent true and effective, no successful entrepreneur today, who waste time in anything they do, cause how much money you can make depends on this time, so don`t       waste it in order not to waste money.

   You must respect this man called time, worship it, if possible, because he is very important in our life`s, don`t  waste your time on social media, sleeping and flexing, tik tok says the time, it waits for no man. So make it useful for you, in your strong, healthy, day and able times, so when its dark and your weak you won’t give up because you have work when you ought to, time is very fast, for those who postponed it and don’t effectively make use of it, at the appropriate time, that’s why when it’s passes away they, start to ponder and wonder when did the time pass by, because they have misused it.

      Time saves those who really makes use of them properly  use them, and also respect it, because a goal that is timed is easily and quickly achieved because it was timed to be accomplished by so so date, and if you fail to achieve it before the time you where given, it will be dawn unto you that you already failing and it hasting you to buckle-up and be fast about it. 

    Timing one`s self helps to develop time consciousness, and always be alert on any time opportunity comes. So please respect the time and make use of it properly.    


     Let’s know in the comment section which one of this skills you already acquire and start practicing ✍🏻👍🏻                                                   


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